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Beer is one of the oldest and most popular American beverages around.  Just about anyone who has consumed any kind of alcohol has probably at the very least tasted beer.  It is one of the most inexpensive yet loved alcoholic beverages in the industry.  Beer comes in hundreds of varieties and flavors, combinations and levels of alcohol contents.  While it is very popular in all areas of the world, people most often only pay attention to it when they are drinking it.

Amazing Beer Facts You Must Read

  • Beer is the oldest known written recipe: 

A poem called “Hymn to Ninkasi” from around 1800 BC contains the instructions for brewing beer.

  • Schlitz invented the brown bottle + tall boys: 

Despite the fact that you’re more likely to see Schlitz in a can out in the wild than a bottle, back in 1911, things were different. The Milwaukee-founded brand was the first to block out the sun via a brown bottle, which keeps your beer as fresh as possible until you pour it into a glass. Schlitz also invented the tall boy, likely to ensure that people would have something fun to carry around in tiny paper bags.

  • Beer is the 3rd most consumed beverage: 

Beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage, and third overall after water and then tea.

  • North Dakota drinks more beer than anyone

It seems impossible that Nevada would be out-drank by any other state, considering how much booze is consumed solely in Las Vegas (NV came in seventh place), but if the US had a drinking competition, North Dakota would drink more beer per person than any other state. Each resident drank 43.6 gallons of the stuff in 2013, according to 24/7 Wall Street. New Hampshire and Montana came in second and third place, respectively.

  • 7.3 million liters of beer were served at Oktoberfest

The fact that Oktoberfest is held mostly in September is one of those head-scratchers. But one thing that makes perfect sense is that in a little more than two weeks from mid-September to October in 2015, Germans and beer-loving tourists from all over the world drank 7.3 million liters of beer during the Oktoberfest celebrations.

  • Beer prevents kidney stones

A study found in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology that beer reduced the risk of kidney stones by 41 percent!

  • Japanese Sake is a type of beer, not wine

The fermentation process uses grains, not fruit, just like beer.

  • The oldest still-running brewery in the world is in Germany

Still in operation today, the Weihenstephan brewery has been making beer since 1040!

  • Pilgrims on the Mayflower stopped at Plymouth Rock because they ran out of beer

Believe it or not, this one has some truth behind it.

  • Smuttynose’s sexy-sounding brewery name has a creepy backstory

It’s not often obvious what your favorite brewery is named after. For example, Dogfish is not named after the sea creature named dogfish. It’s a place in ME where founder Sam Calagione spent his summers… and that place was named after the sea creature. But we digress! Smuttynose is named after an island off the NH coast where a double murder happened in the 1870s.

  • Every American craft brewery combined employs fewer people than Anheuser-Busch

Considering that Anheuser-Busch is a global beer-making conglomerate, it shouldn’t be surprising that it employs a ton of people. But what might be surprising is that the craft beer industry in total employs over 121,000, which is still fewer people than just AB, at over 150,000. And that doesn’t even include the hundreds of its employees that are horses.

  • The Belgian dubbel beer is named that because people were illiterate

People can read these days — after all, you’re completely dominating this story on beer right now. But back when the Trappist monks began producing beer, they needed a way to help differentiate between how strong the beers were. And since they couldn’t write “This Beer Will Make You Feel Real Good, Real Fast” on the barrel, the theory is that they marked select beer with two X’s to show it was twice as strong as the beer marked with a single X. Funnily enough, the beer style isn’t all that strong compared to the types of beers consumed today: between 6.25-7.5%.

  • The “33” on Rolling Rock bottles has no known meaning

Pretty sure the brewers behind Rolling Rock were just huge Larry Bird fans. Like Larry Legend, the beer is sheathed in green and has a 33 on it. End of story. Rolling Rock itself presents 11 different theories as to why the 33 is there. Among them: the “founding members of the brewery bet $33 on Horse 33 and won,” or the fact that the beer is brewed at 33 degrees. We think it might be because the Latrobe brewery was bought in 1933. Just a hunch.


Caddy Shack Sports Bar & Grill Omaha Specials

As a family-owned establishment, Caddy Shack Sports Bar & Grill Omaha works hard to earn your patronage and provide the fooddrinks and atmosphere Omaha, NE residents and visitors love. There’s a sport for every season at Caddy Shack Sports Bar & Grill. No matter what time you stop by for a bite or a few drinks, you will always catch at least a few matches playing on our big screen TVs.

Caddy Shack Blondo Street Drink Specials 

Monday: $14 Domestic Buckets – ALL DAY
Tuesday: Happy Hour – ALL DAY
Wednesday: 6pm to 2am – $1.50 Domestic Drafts & $6 Pitchers
Thursday: $16 Domestic Buckets – ALL DAY
Friday: $16 Domestic Buckets – ALL DAY
Saturday: $16 Domestic Buckets – ALL DAY
Sunday: $14 Domestic Buckets & $5 Bombs – ALL DAY

Caddy Shack West Drink Specials

Monday Night: $14 Domestic Buckets & $5 Bombs
Tuesday: Happy Hour – ALL DAY
Wednesday: 6pm to 2am – $1.50 Domestic Drafts & $6 Pitchers
Thursday: $2 Busch Light & PBR tallboys, $5 Vegas Bombs
Friday: $16 Domestic Buckets – ALL DAY
Saturday: $16 Domestic Buckets – ALL DAY
Sunday: $14 Domestic Buckets, $5 Bombs

Caddy Shack Sports Bar & Grill Omaha Contact Information

The Caddy Shack Sports Bar & Grill Omaha

The Caddy Shack Sports Bar and Grill Omaha

2076 N. 117th Ave Omaha, NE 68164

Phone: 402-932-3704

Hours: 11am to 2am

The Caddy Shack Sports Bar & Grill West Omaha

The Caddy Shack West Sports Bar and Grill

7007 S. 181st Street Omaha, Ne 68136

Phone: 402-905-3669

Hours: 11am to 2am