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There’s very good reason why “the Luck of the Irish” has been talked about for thousands of years; the Irish have an extremely colorful list of traditions – and least of all, there’s St Patrick’s Day where you can paint everything green – but it goes far beyond that. Of course, sometimes you just want to go somewhere and have a really good beer that you can’t find at any other type of pub – or you might have a little Irish in you somewhere and want to explore the tradition further.

Best Irish Pubs in Omaha

You’ll be glad to know there are plenty of unique Irish pubs in Omaha, perfect for breaking out the Guinness. Here are some of your best options for finding a pub for a regular old Irish party.

Maloney’s Irish Pub

Maloney’s Irish Pub is one of the best options if you’re looking for a sit-down-and-drink atmosphere with a classic Irish feel – and one that you can’t find anywhere else. In addition to some of the best drinks, they’ve also got a happy hour that’s really happy when it does come around, and outdoor seating in case you’d like to change things up for your next pub crawling adventure.

Brazen Head

The Brazen Head pub is one of the greatest pubs Omaha if you’re looking for the traditional Irish pub atmosphere – yes, including the loud singing somewhere in the middle of the pub at odd hours, and a taste of the selection of incredible beers that they have to offer you. What makes the Brazen Head truly special is their selection of traditional Irish foods – and even if you aren’t Irish, you’ll definitely find something you like on their menu.


The Dubliner pub has more than just a classic Irish feel to it, it even has the specific feel of Dublin – which is something really special to behold if you have Irish ancestry, or if you would just like to experience the music, food and incredible selection of beer. Again, the Dubliner pub is a great one to visit for when you want excellent food.

Two Fine Irishmen

A little bit of Ireland in West O The Two Fine Irishmen bring you a little taste of Ireland in West O. We feature a menu that’s guaranteed to satisfy. Then throw in a fully stocked bar with Guinness, Harp, and Smithwick’s on tap. Add 7 flat screens and one big blarney stone of a projection screen to catch all the games.

Murphy’s Lounge

Murphy’s Lounge is located on the corner of 96th & L Street. The unique atmosphere, great crowd and friendly staff makes Murphy’s the best place in Omaha to enjoy live music, and relax in good company.

Caddy Shack Sports Bar & Grill

St. Patrick’s Day, also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, is the day to remember the most commonly-recognized patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. In the United States we have been celebrating this day since the late 18th century, and here in Omaha you will find people everywhere celebrating the Irish and Irish American culture with countless celebrations to include eating, drinking, religious observances, exciting parades, and lots of people wearing green! Do you know what you will be doing this St. Patrick’s Day?

Corned Beef and Cabbage

We are serving our amazing corned beef and cabbage at all of our locations all day.

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