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Wednesday night isn’t just Thanksgiving Eve, it is also one of the most anticipated and celebrated bar nights of the entire year. Also referred to as Blackout Wednesday or Black Wednesday, Drinksgiving has likely been around for decades, but it didn’t get much recognition until around 2007, when the catchy term was coined.

Thanksgiving is truly an event all its own. The key to feeling the full effects of its majesty, however, lies in celebrating it where you grew up, because that’s the only acceptable way to do it.

Why is Blackout Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve Best Night To Drink?

The night is furnished with never-ending rounds of shots, awkward conversations, sexual advances, and unencumbered bliss. It is a time to reunite and relive. The next day you’ll be giving thanks that you left this one-horse town, but you’ll also be thankful that you were present for the best bar night of the year… in your hometown anyway.

Blackout Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve Best Night To Drink

Nearly all Americans have Thanksgiving off

Unless you’re in the foodservice industry (and recently, in some retail positions), this is a holiday celebrated across the land. No religious overtones, no need to be from any specific culture — it’s a holiday for all of the U.S.

See old friends

While you are likely to be sequestered with your family on Thanksgiving itself, the night before offers a chance to get out and catch up with others returning to the area you grew up in. Kids are home from college, folks who have moved away return to where other family is, and Thanksgiving Eve is the perfect opportunity to see each other.

Thanksgiving dinner is a perfect hangover cure

With plenty of starches and rich, fatty foods, Thursday’s meal is good for taking the edge off if you happen to tie one on the night before, and it’s often eaten early in the day. Plus, that tryptophan-laden turkey will set you up for a nice post-dinner nap.

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There’s plenty to do on Thanksgiving Eve, as bars everywhere host parties and offer drink specials. At both locations, we are offering $1.50 domestic beers, $6 pitchers, lots of shots, and so much more. If you do go out, please be careful, don’t over drink, and definitely don’t drive. Do have a blast with friends old and new. Happy Thanksgiving!