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National Cheeseburger Day | Caddy Shack Sports Bar & Grill | Omaha
National Cheeseburger day is celebrated annually on the 18th September. This celebration of one of the most iconic and delicious foods of the USA, has been taking place every year since the early part of the Roaring 20s era. There are many theories to the origins of the cheeseburger dating back to almost a century ago. A 16 year old Lionel Sternberger is said to have invented the cheeseburger in 1926 when he was working as a fry cook at his father’s sandwich shop, and experimentally dropped a slab of
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Bar, Pub, Lounge, Club: What's the difference?
Bars, pubs, lounges, and clubs, are a-plenty. Looking to grab a drink with friends? There are certainly plenty of places to choose from that serve adult libations. Perhaps the only thing a pub, bar, club and lounge share in common is that they serve alcoholic beverages. What is the Difference Between a Pub, Bar, Club, and Lounge in Omaha, NE? If you’re looking for a specific type of atmosphere, you’re going to want to know the difference between all of these locations so that you can enjoy your time to
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hidden gems in Omaha NE
Whether you’re planning a trip to Omaha, Nebraska, you’re moving to the city, or you’ve been living there for a while and you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do, you’ll find no shortage of activities to enjoy. Omaha offers a vibrant culture and is home to some simply exquisite natural sights that are just begging to be explored. What are the Hidden Gems in Omaha, NE? Here’s a look at some of the hidden gems that you have to check out in and around Omaha, NE. Joslyn Castle
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