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Amazing Beer Facts
Beer is one of the oldest and most popular American beverages around.  Just about anyone who has consumed any kind of alcohol has probably at the very least tasted beer.  It is one of the most inexpensive yet loved alcoholic beverages in the industry.  Beer comes in hundreds of varieties and flavors, combinations and levels of alcohol contents.  While it is very popular in all areas of the world, people most often only pay attention to it when they are drinking it. Amazing Beer Facts You Must Read Beer is
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Do’s & Don’ts of Ordering a Drink at a Bar
Even seasoned party animals can feel out of touch when they walk into a bar and try to order a drink. Drink menus have more options than you can shake a cocktail stick at, and it’s nothing like TV where you can just walk into a bar and demand a generic “beer” to be served up from the tap. Here are some do’s and don’ts when ordering a drink at a bar.   Do’s & Don’ts of Ordering a Drink at a Bar DO: Know what you’re ordering. Check the menu
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Best Bar Snacks
The best part of the week is going out on a Friday night with your friends to your favorite bar. It is your special way to relax, have a beer or two, try out some snacks on the menu and just enjoy the company of the people around you. Even if you don’t drink alcohol, you will love the food offered at the bar. Grilled or fried, we are certain you will find your favorite delicious snack on your all-time favorite bar’s menu that will soak up your booze and make you
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