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Here are the most important features on the new iOS 10 we’ve learned about so far:

1. You can kill most of the default Apple apps

2. Swipe is dead

Next up we address the most important feature change. Not because it’s groundbreaking, but because it will cause you to go insane. Instead of swiping to unlock your phone, you will now just press the home button. Which is a million times easier and we love it in principle. But again, since Apple has us all trained like a bunch of monkeys, we will swipe for at least 3 months and curse at the sky every single time.

3. Tons of upgrade to Messages, including stickers, the ability to send drawings and handwritten messages to each other
















4. You can become an organ donor!
Oh sweet, now the paramedics can check our phone and say “This guy is an organ donor, lets just let him die and
save a bunch of other, more important people’s lives”!

5. Photos Memoriesphotos-memories
Remember that ex that was way out of your league but loved you for you before you screwed everything up? Or when you used to be skinny? Or when life was 1000 times easier? You are about to once you hit the Get Started button! No thanks, Apple. Timehop is already depressing enough.

6. Updated Apple Maps

7. The Home App

An app designed for all the fancy people that can afford things like smart thermostats and lightbulb.

8. Raise to wake up

You pick up your phone, the screen turns on. Go on, try it. Awesome, right? Best feature of all-time.

9. New emojis

Most of you are just here to see what emojis are in the new update. That’s why I put them last on the list. Kinda like grocery stores putting milk in the back of the store so you have to walk through the entire store to get what you need.

The first thing that jumps out at is that this should have probably come out before the Olympics, since basically every summer Olympic sport is covered and we won’t care about them for another four years.

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