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Sports Bar & Grill Food and Beer Pairing

When you want to do more that just watch sports on TV, but you still want to have a good time with good people, why not try your hand at food and beer pairing? Nowadays, having a beer with a meal at a bar is more than cracking open a lite beer and calling it a day. Matching the flavors is key when it comes to beer and food pairing.

Here are some pairing suggestions based upon Caddy Shack and Caddy Shack West Sports Bar & Grill menu and current beer list.


The burger is the classic of bar foods, and since it can be topped with anything from cheeses to sauces to bacon, it’s quite versatile for a beer pairing. While a Miller Lite or a Shiner Bock may be your go-to with a burger, try to mix it up a bit. The bitterness of an IPA can cut through the fat of a burger. If an IPA isn’t your style, go with an amber ale.

Spicy Foods

White ales and white beers, as well as light lagers and hoppier beers, will help cut through the spiciness instead of watering it down. It’s like milk when it comes to spicy food.

Fried Foods

Fried foods are light in flavor, so a brew that will help cleanse the palate without washing away the salty flavors is ideal. This will also help bring out the taste of the food, and leave your stomach a little less heavy.


Like burgers, salads offer many combinations making it another versatile choice for beer. If you’re going for a traditional or vegetable salad, stick with a German or Belgian wheat beer. For a Cobb or similar salad, try a brown ale as they complement the nuts and heavier cheese. With a Caesar, go with a saison.

Chicken and Seafood

You don’t want to overpower the flavors of these foods with a beer, therefore, lighter is better. A light German lager or Belgian Saison with chicken or fish is perfect. If creams or sauces are added you may need a heavy, richer beer. Pasta is slightly more versatile but still pairs well with like brews such as blonde ales and German or American wheat ales.


Beer and cheese is perhaps a better marriage than wine and cheese. The beer lifts the fat in the cheese, where all the flavor is, so you can taste and enjoy it.

Recommendations: All beer. Seriously, drink what you like.

When in Doubt . . . Go Regional

Leave it to the city or area of origin when pairing if the options are too overwhelming.

So when you want to be where the action is, get in the game at Caddy Shack sports bar & grill in Omaha. We have incredible food, and great drink specials.