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Corporate events are an important part of human and public relations for all businesses since they facilitate bonding with your team members, reduce stress and allow workers to know each other outside of the office.

However, hosting a corporate business event can be a daunting task. Making it successful is even more challenging. Whether you’re an amateur planning your first major event or are merely trying to clue yourself in to keep up with the event organizer, the tips below are essential to throwing a memorably successful event.

Tips To Hosting a Corporate Event


Decide on your event theme and seek guidance from both your guest’s profiles and the company goals and objectives to choose from an indoor, evening, pure fun, competitive or collaborative tones. Create a budget based on the theme – appropriate decor, booking of venue, catering, entertainment, special permits, outside security and promotional actions plans if necessary.

Guest List

How many did you invite and how many confirmed their attendance? The number should always be accommodated by the size of the venue, the program, and the budget.

Event Publicity

Corporate events require different levels of publicity depending on their nature, for example, a product launch or awards event would be a more high profile event than a typical team-building outing. Utilize all platforms including social media sites, press releases and digital marketing.

A great side effect of having a private events program is that social media sharing allows your space to reach new potential clients organically and easily. Small touches like fresh flowers, good warm lighting, and visually appealing cocktails/food items will up the chances that attendees will post photos from your space. You can even post a hashtag on a sign in the bathroom or on a menu chalkboard for even easier sharing and reposting later.


The place sets the mood of your event. Never cram people into a small space and don’t also make the mistake of renting an oversized space. Both will make your attendees uncomfortable.

Bushwood Lounge

Bushwood Lounge offers you an ideal venue for your next corporate event. The space features beautiful and renovated interiors, a full bar, a large patio and upwards of 30 beers available in bottles and cans, and any variety of hard liquor and wines you are looking for.


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