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Do you think you’re ready for football season? Think again. Here are some simple ways to prep yourself for the start of the 2017 football season.

Ways To Prepare For 2017 Football Season

Clear Your Sunday Schedule

First, and most importantly, clear your Sunday schedule. There’s nothing worse than getting psyched for the game, and having to miss it for an afternoon with the in-laws. Bust out your calendar and make sure that Sundays are as clear as day.

While your calendar is out, it won’t hurt to mark off Monday and Thursday night as well.

Start Your 2017 Fantasy Draft

Now that your schedule is clear, you have ample time to get the boys together for drafting night. Prep your fantasy draft kit, tap the keg, and get your stopwatch out and at the ready.

Of course, you’ve been dreaming up your team for the entire year now, it’s time to make it legit. You know your team is the best, so it’s time to make the wager. Rather than risking your head of hair or your life savings, make the bet more interesting.

Make the loser of your league pick up the tab at the end of the season celebration at Caddy Shack Omaha, your favorite sports bar. Celebrate your win on their dime.

Dust Off Your Favorite Jersey

Your time has come. Take out your jersey from the back of the closet and get it ready for a wild 17 weeks of chanting, chugging, and chest bumping.

Warm Up Your Vocal Chords

With your jersey at the ready, start prepping your vocal chords for the cheering, berating, and shouting throughout 256 games of football.

A simple way to start warming up your vocal chords by calling up your buddies and talking trash on their team. We guarantee your vocals will be ready in just a single call.

Replace Batteries In Your Remote

You turned your back for a second and missed the game winning touchdown. You reach for the remote to rewind, and the batteries are dead. You start scrambling around the house like a mad man looking for two double A batteries, only to come up short. You end up missing the play and have to watch it on your tiny smartphone screen while your friends are reliving the moments in all of its glory.

Is this your typical nightmare during football season? Sleep better by replacing the batteries in your remote and keep a stash near the TV for emergencies.

Bust Out Your Stretchy Pants

You’ve got your jersey, but what about the rest of your game day outfit? Prep yourself for delicious happy hour specials filled with wings and beer by busting out your stretchy pants. Your comfort takes number one priority when watching your favorite players smash into each other for hours on end.

Learn How To Enable Do Not Disturb On Your Phone

You want zero distractions during the big game. The last thing you need is a text or call to distract you when your team needs you most. Flip on the “do not disturb” function on your smartphone for zero distractions, but also keep it functioning to check the scores of your other fantasy football drafts.

Start Planning Your Commercial Break Routine

You can’t possibly risk missing a play for a mere bathroom break! While your stuck watching yet another episode of The Bachelor with your wife, start prepping your commercial break routine. Keep your timer at the ready and hit the bathroom, kitchen, hop on the computer to check scores and dash back to your lucky spot on the couch just in time for the first down.

Get Down To Caddy Shack or Caddy Shack West

Last, and most importantly, get down to Stuft. Our happy hour specials, big screen TV’s, and generous portions, make for the sports bar to spend your Sundays.