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Most people simply love chicken wings. Isn’t that enough? Seemingly not. Take the fact that chicken wings over the last 50 years, since their Buffalo, NY birth in 1964, have formed an “Astonish-Wing” culture of fanatics all over the globe.

There is no “best” type of chicken wing. Great wings win hearts and stomachs with well-balanced flavors and quality meat regardless of whether they’re naked, dredged, sauced, or smoked. So instead of tracking down the best wings from Buffalo or Chinese restaurants or former Beatles, we tracked down the best chicken wings of any kind.

List of Best Chicken Wings

Denver: Fire on the Mountain

This is how good the chicken wings are here: They’ve won first and second places at the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, NY — you know, the place where Buffalo wings were invented! Bone-in wings are the most popular but the restaurant also offers boneless wings and vegetarian wings made with seitan.

Austin, Texas: Pluckers Wing Bar

Every wing lover and University of Texas student knows about this Austin-based wing chain; it’s become a local institution. Guests especially rave about the Baker’s Gold wings that are coated with a sweet and spicy honey mustard.

San Francisco: Hot Sauce and Panko

There are 30 delicious flavors to choose from at this hot spot and for a few dollars extra you can get a chicken and waffle combo — YUM!

Miami: Sports Grill

The most popular “juicy” and “meaty” wings at this casual sports bar are rubbed with Worcestershire sauce before they hit a charcoal-fired grill. Fire fiends opt for the Miami Heat wings that are flavored with five hot spices.

New York City: Turntable Chicken Jazz